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You Didn’t Build That

Friday night palate cleanser. This is one of the greatest parodies…EVAHHHH


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A few weeks ago I was in Chipotle having my delicious barbacoa burrito, made with yummy, white, cilantro-lime rice, pinto beans (they’re cooked with bacon, is that ok? YES, thank you very much!), green chili salsa, sour cream and cheese…OK, now I’m getting hungry. Where was I?? Oh, right, in Chipotle…and this song came on their mix list.

First, I love this song. Coldplay, The Scientist. So, naturally, I knew it immediately…but wait, that’s not Coldplay!?! Is that…no, I’m not sure…oh my, it is Willie Nelson!!!

I’m conflicted. It is bizarre. It is awesome. It’s Coldplay, it’s Willie Nelson…great googily-moogily it’s Willie Nelson singing Coldplay! It’s so very wrong and then it’s so very right. It’s eclectic. It’s such a jumbled up train wreck of musical iconography that I’m drawn to it. It is a lot like me…


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I’ve spent half the day reading WordPress for Dummies just to get here.  Now it’s late and I can’t find anything profound to say.  So perhaps a little musical interlude is in order. 

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