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Gawd, I Hate the Media

As the day goes by, Tropical Storm Isaac continues to march generally in direction towards New Orleans or further west. First, it was going to turn and destroy Tampa and the RNC convention, then it was still going to hit the panhandle of Florida and roll up the coast. Then, it was going to hit somewhere between Mobile, AL and possibly New Orleans.

NEW ORLEANS, NEW ORLEANS!!! Poor little New Orleans! Please, God, no! Not New Orleans! Oh, the humanity. What has New Orleans done to deserve this? And it was going to hit 7 years to the week of Katrina. It was such a juicy story and possibility that Dr. Death himself, Jim Cantore of the Weather channel, has already arrived in New Orleans to stake out his claim on the best place to report the carnage of Isaac. Once again, no one cares about what happens to Mississippi or Alabama, or perhaps now Texas.

Katrina actually hit in Mississippi, it destroyed Biloxi and the surrounding areas, but cable news and the Weather channel weren’t there reporting on how communities came together and cleaned up and rebuilt. Nope. They were in New Orleans. Where, the governor refused to declare a state of emergency prior to the storm hitting, which starts things in motion like FEMA and Red Cross aid, and National Guard readiness, because she was afraid George Bush would take over her state. And the mayor of New Orleans was just as indifferent, refusing to call for evacuations early because storms never seem to hit New Orleans like this in the past. I can still see the photos in my mind of flooded out school buses and municipal transit buses all nicely parked, side by side by side, in their storage lots. Buses that per the city’s own evacuation plans were supposed to be used to transport its citizenry out of harms way. But no, what we got instead was images of folks trapped in their homes and neighborhoods by the flood waters. They could have been, SHOULD have been evacuated. The damage would have been the same, the personal toll would have been less. But, it was political fodder. Somehow, a local inaction to a local disaster was the President of the United States’ fault.

Now, from what I can gather from the meteorological site that I follow to tell me of all the big storms, weeks before they hit, it appears that Isaac is going to do something fantastic for the news outlets. Once a hurricane makes landfall, usually, it is absorbed into the jet stream and moves out. Isaac seems to be making landfall into the bottom of heat dome that is forming over OK, AR, KS, MO. The heat dome will prevent Isaac from moving into the middle of the country and will cause Isaac to sit and spin and rain itself out, probably over New Orleans. In Richmond, a few years ago, we experienced Gaston. Gaston died over Richmond and dumped over a foot of rain an hour for just over 2 or 3 hours. It wasn’t the wind, it was the water. Isaac will make landfall tomorrow, Tuesday and will sit and spin and rain out for 24 hours, maybe more. It may not be a windy monster that blows the city down but, it will be the floods that ravage New Orleans. The levees will do more to hold water in than it will in keeping water out.

Sucks to be you, New Orleans. But at least the media loves you.


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